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Disruptive change afoot in scientific publishing


I have been thinking a lot about my two favorite scientific journals.  J Am Medical Informatics Assoc (JAMIA) and Am J Health System Pharmacy (AJHP).  The former has taken steps to minimize the coming disruption, the later (AJHP) is largely still in the age of Gutenberg.  So this blog post forward to me by a Pharmacy Leadership Academy faculty member (Andy Wilson) was of particular interest:

"Looking back on 2009, there was one particular note that seemed to sound repeatedly, resonating through the professional discourse at conferences and in posts throughout the blogosphere: the likelihood of disruptive change afoot in the scientific publishing industry."Michael Clarke under, The Scholarly Kitchen, Jan 2010

If this interests you then you should take a look.

Two more very good articles on the disruption of scientific publishing (thanks again to Andy Wilson) are here.…

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