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Stage II of MU for Pharmacists

Well, I am not done reviewing the 1,000+ pages of a couple of documents released Thursday, but here is a quick hit.

RxNorm is finally going to be mandated!  Yea!  It is about time.  This is a game changer, which I will write more about. Pharmacy organizations such has ASHP and the Pharmacy HIT collaborative have completely missed the boat on this one, btw.  More on that as well later.

BCMA by any other name made the cut.  Not over joyed, based on scientific evidence.  Evidence has not stopped ONC in the past.  For example, is there even a single study that has shown better patient outcomes with drug interaction checking versus none?  Do not think so.  DDI CDS is in Stage I and II as well.  As a side note I will be participating in a The Am Medical Informatics Assoc Pharmacoinformatics working group symposium on this very thing in October, fyi.

Here are some fantastic links of summary and detailed information for those that would like to dig deep.  Thanks to Dirk Stanley, MD, CMIO of Cooley-Dickinson Hospital for ID'ing these Tweet/sources.  It is interesting to note that as soon as I heard the news that the rules were release I too went directly to Twitter for more information as well.  Times they are a-changing.

and per John Halamka via The Advisory Board  these really nicely done PDFs of the actual rules:

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