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Key principles for a national clinical decision support knowledge sharing framework

This is huge. Pharmacists need to get involved with this movement, or risk becoming obsolete.  This is far more important from a clinical standpoint the the work being done at the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative.  Agree?  Disagree?  Lets have a discussion.

J Am Med Inform Assoc doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2012-000887
  • Research and applications

Key principles for a national clinical decision support knowledge sharing framework: synthesis of insights from leading subject matter experts

  1. Kensaku Kawamoto1
  2. Tonya Hongsermeier2
  3. Adam Wright3
  4. Janet Lewis2
  5. Douglas S Bell4,
  6. Blackford Middleton5
  • Received 6 February 2012
  • Accepted 18 July 2012
  • Published Online First 4 August 2012


Objective To identify key principles for establishing a national clinical decision support (CDS) knowledge sharing framework.

Materials and methods As part of an initiative by the US Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) to establish a framework for national CDS knowledge sharing, key stakeholders were identified. Stakeholders' viewpoints were obtained through surveys and in-depth interviews, and findings and relevant insights were summarized. Based on these insights, key principles were formulated for establishing a national CDS knowledge sharing framework.

Results Nineteen key stakeholders were recruited, including six executives from electronic health record system vendors, seven executives from knowledge content producers, three executives from healthcare provider organizations, and three additional experts in clinical informatics. Based on these stakeholders' insights, five key principles were identified for effectively sharing CDS knowledge nationally. These principles are (1) prioritize and support the creation and maintenance of a national CDS knowledge sharing framework; (2) facilitate the development of high-value content and tooling, preferably in an open-source manner; (3) accelerate the development or licensing of required, pragmatic standards; (4) acknowledge and address medicolegal liability concerns; and (5) establish a self-sustaining business model.

Discussion Based on the principles identified, a roadmap for national CDS knowledge sharing was developed through the ONC's Advancing CDS initiative.

Conclusion The study findings may serve as a useful guide for ongoing activities by the ONC and others to establish a national framework for sharing CDS knowledge and improving clinical care.

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