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Share Your Peripheral Brain

There are a couple of products that if used collectively by more pharmacists would be fantastic.  At different lectures, myself and others (@kevinclauson, Felke and Fox*) have advocated the use of these tools.  Most recently I discussed this at Western New England University's new College of Pharmacy.

 Evernote logo 
Evernote is awesome. I could not live professionally without this product.  It is a fantastic knowledge engine (my term).  Rather than go on and on, take some time to understand what it is and how some folks are using it.  

A Boston based company (so I am  biased) just had a major upgrade that pushes it over the top.  See this LifeHacker article for a great overview.  I have used Springpad for my consulting projects and am seriously thinking of using it more and even replacing Evernote.  You can not go wrong either way.

Another new comer is  Very nice and clean. Functionality is much the same as EverNote and Springpad. All have nice clipping, file saving, sharing and ways to email files and notes. All have offline storage and are available everywhere on all devices. The only minor advantage I found in Memonic is that it has a nice picture clipping feature. For me this is not enough to leave Evernote and Springpad.

Sharing and Curation of Knowledge
We need more people making their Evernote or Springpad information publicity available.  While Felke and Fox also suggest this, they do not share notebooks. Why not?  Here is my public Pharmacoinformatics EverNotes for you to search and use. This is my expertise and I collect all of my notes and web clipping here (careful not to post non public items i.e. articles requiring subscriptions). There is even a RSS feed if you like.  How cool would it be to get your file of expertise clippings and notes on Cardiology, Infectious Disease or whatever you are an expert on. Or our leaders (DoPs, Prof orgs) sharing a notebook of leadership articles that she/he reviews?  We need more people sharing their peripheral brains.  Here is mine.  Let us know where yours is and what subject you can make public.

* While normally I would include the link to their great article on Evernote in Hospital Pharmacy, that journals web site is impossible to navigate.

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