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ASHP: Continually in pursuit of hypocrisy. Part II

Since this hypocrisy has to do with informatics, it is posted here.  Other professional society craziness can be found on Google Plus in the links below.

The Am Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) CEO report has a number of hypocritical and delusional aspects. Part I <LINK> addresses ASHP’s patient safety policy and handling of the State of Ohio’s “lynching” of a pharmacist. This one addresses ASHP's  claim to being at the right table when policy is made. Subsequent posts will deal with the financial management and leadership aspects in the 2001 CEO report.  Part III on taking unpopular positions is here <LINK>.

Under the heading of “Being at the right table” the ASHP CEO pounds his chest about being at the right table on health care policy and information technology issues. He notes the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative as an example. In the HIT and health reform land grab ASHP was no where near the table and are struggling to nibble on crumbs. There is not even a mention of pharmaicsts in any of the HITECH, ARRA or any health reform legislation. They seem to be coming to the table for scraps after everyone else has had a feast. 

These legislative initiatives were the equivalent of the Oklahoma land give away, GI bill and moon shot for health information technology. Pharmacists, the most connected health professionals, should have been at least part of the HITECH act to be “eligible providers” around electronic prescriptions and CPOE. As it stands there is not even a requirement to receive eRx’s and CPOE orders electronically. So claiming to be at the right table is, well, hypocritical. It borders on delusion. 

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative is generally a very positive strategic initiative. It desires some thoughtful consideration. Please take a look at those efforts. Even at its best, this initiative does not put ASHP at the table at all. At its worst that it puts pharmacy farther down the hall by taking a counter productive approach to EHR involvement. The specific tactics of the collaborative are a bit confusing that I will address in a separate post. 

What say you?

2011 Report of the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer: ASHP: Continually in pursuit of truth (right) 

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