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Comment on Banned Blog Post on ASHP site


Yesterday I posted a blog entry to the ASHP Connect web site.  It was an open letter to the new CEO.  After posting it, I had second thoughts on the content and decided to delete it.  ASHP did me a favor and deleted for me.  If my style of challenging the organization to be more accountable and responsive to its members is offensive; I apologize.  The post revealed some public tax information on the salaries of the executives.  This was not appropriate in the ASHPConnect forum.

My perspective that I have chronicled here many times is that ASHP is an insecure and incompetent organization from a membership and informational delivery perspective.  They are a terrific seminar producing organization, producing some of the best pharmacy conferences in the world.   Their insecurity stems from not tolerating any descent to the dogma of the organization.  Their incompetence in information and knowledge delivery has been chronicled on this blog in the past.  My perspective was strengthened from tax record review.  I need to think about the proper forum to reveal and comment on the financial miss-management revealed in tax records and governance structure.  This last one has no informatics basis so this forum may not make sense.  Thanks for following and stay tuned.

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