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Timeliness, Transcribing and DDIs in AJHP

Three items in the latest Am J Health System Pharmacist really knocked me over:

1.  Board meeting minutes a day short of a year after the meeting at a specificity level that makes them useless?  It feels like the board has blessed us mere mortals a year after leaving their thrones and tossed us a delicate morsel to nibble on.  Come on, a year later on publishing minutes?  They can not use the normal quality control and peer review of other articles that take this long to publish.  This is outrageous.  They should be webcasting the board meeting in real time.  Oh, that's right I had a crazy notion that ASHP was a membership organization.  Ya, right.
I would put these items in the internal ASHPConnect for membership, but that might be "challenging" the status quo.  "Challenging" is specifically forbidden in the new terms of use.  My only deduction is that the (insecure) leadership does not want to be challenged.  How can one challenge meeting minutes a year later, after all.  At least they are consistent in their actions.


2. Transcribing in 2011?  Transcribing?  Really?  It conjurers up faithful monks transcribing bibles in a pre Gutenberg age.  That is what pharmacists do right?  How insulting.  I wrote a piece some time ago to do away with this term and it was approved by the House of Delegates to be changed.  Guess ASHP did not transcribed that memo or that brown interoffice envelope with the string got misplaced.

3.  Ok, on to informatics; this is really good, almost worth the aggravation of above.

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