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Need for the basic science of safety of HIT

This is an interesting blurb from HISTalk (a must regular read).  First the blurb and some comments after.

A Huffington Post Investigative Fund article covers the IOM’s just-begun study of the safety of electronic medical records systems. An interesting quote from Peter Pronovost, one of the most influential patient safety experts in the country: “There is a need for the basic science of safety of HIT. There is still a lot of basic knowledge we don’t have.” During the IOM’s two-day meeting last week, Epic’s representative repeated the mantra of boss Carl Dvorak, urging that any recommendations not stifle innovation. Human-computer interface expert Ben Shneiderman said, “Until we have a more public data collection, we will not have quality.” IOM hasn’t posted the minutes from Wednesday’s meeting that I can find. I think the writing is on the wall: FDA’s going to get involved in clinical systems oversight, in the form of a vendor registry and voluntary surveillance program if I had to bet.

  • With the lay literature picking up on HIT, we are all going to be under a microscope.  What if WikiLeaks got a hold of your internal documents?
  • Pronovost's quote is what I have been saying for a long time about BCMA.  There is a ton of basic knowledge that we do not know yet, with too many evangelists extolling the safety virtues without any science.
  • The FDA getting involved in clinical systems will be the pinnacle of "Hi, I am from the government and here to help".   This could forever change the industry.  For the better?  Not sure.

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