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A Pharmacy Practice Checklist Manifesto


I have just finished The Checklist Manifesto.  It is a fantastic read. The evidence for checklist use outlined by Gawande and other industries is overwhelming. 

It occurred to me there are a number of critical moments in pharmacy practice that a 'time out' and checklist may be transforming.  For example:

  • At time of preparation after gathering components, prior to first needle insertion to a vial
  • After preparation, accounting for all components
  • Prior to deliver
  • High risk drug perfection/verification.  All verification of orders for that matter.
  • Change of shift hand offs
  • IV Room prep
  • … There has to be dozens more.  

Here is an idea: A Pharmacy Practice Checklist Manifesto.  This would be an organized effort to identify points in pharmacy practice that checklists maybe valuable, recommendations for metrics and studying the impact.    Thoughts?

Some links for your information.  Please read the book for a transformational view of this simple intervention.

Results of NEJM search for ‘checklists’

AJHP search for ‘checklists’

Blank Book

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