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No More NUPOR Mooing and Musing #8 post

It has been a while since the last muse on NUPOR; that would be Near Universal Pharmacists Order Review.

At the HIMSS Pharmacy IT Symposium, Stan Kent talked very briefly about a feature in an HIS that caught my attention.  While he only mentioned it in passing, it turns out to be very important, perhaps a peak into a potential trend and pharmacy practice model.

There is a ranking algorithm for each drug order that is presented to the pharmacist for review.  It turns out that this algorithm can be ranked by any number of factors.  They use it to prioritize orders for review.  The exact way it is calculated is a mystery at the moment.  I will need to learn more.

While inquiring around, it also turns out that The Netherlands use this algorithm to rank drugs as well.   There is a score under a pharmacist does not need to review the drug order at all!  

This is very interesting and needs confirmation.  So if anyone can shed light on the way The Netherlands handles this, that would be great.

This would be central to looking at a new pharmacist practice model in the U.S.

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