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Why I am in ISMP’s Camp and not the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy


The ISMP pieces are very well done and do not deserve these comments [links below], from the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, from their most recent newsletter.

The State board invokes the evidence card. What evidence is there that revoking license of a poor scared victim of the hospital system will protect the public? They are clearly reacting to a mob mentality, in my view. The evidence, if they bothered to look at the just culture literature, and plugged the facts into the algorithms of Just Culture, is the exact opposite of their Neanderthal actions.

One State Board member from another State has invoked ‘facts not in evidence’ to justify OH actions (personal communication). That to me is cowardly. Make a call on the facts in play. Good people can disagree, but we need to have this dialog more.

The single greatest impediment to error prevention in the medical industry is that we punish people for making mistakes -Lucian Leape

What is your view? (Webinar Replay)

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