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Eric Cropp, Pharmacy Leadership & Why you should not practice in Ohio


The following is the story of Eric Cropp, the pharmacist that was jailed because of a medication error.  It is an article well worth reading:  What is your stance on Eric Cropp and what are you doing about it?

At a legal lecture recently, an attorney flatly stated to a crowd of residents that they should not even consider practicing in the State of Ohio, due to the egregious actions of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy and Justice System.  Sorry for those that practice in Ohio.  Frankly, this sounds like good advice.

At the 2009 ASHP House of Delegates a Statement in support of a just culture, excerpt quoted below, was passed unanimously.  The absence of ASHP speaking out clearly,loudly and forcible on this injustice is egregious.  An ASHP press release on the trivial matter of the TV show ‘Nurse Jackie’ and silence on this issue strikes me as a lack of leadership, abandonment of a central value of practice and not supporting hospital pharmacists.  I have privately and publicly asked that this be addressed.  Please join me in asking ASHP leadership to speak out unequivocally in support of the policy of a just culture and the gross injustice done to this hospital pharmacist.

“To encourage pharmacists to exert leadership in establishing a just culture in their workplaces and a nonpunitive systems approach to addressing medication errors…”

Please join me in writing to Eric Cropp while he is in prison to show your support of a fellow pharmacist.  As I said in a lecture recently “It is only by the by the grace of God, you or I are not wearing a orange jump suit”. Eric Cropp (S.O. 266577), Cuyahoga County Jail – Pod 7G, P.O. Box 5600, Cleveland, OH 44101 (Release is scheduled Febuary 14, 2010)

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