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Two terrific twitter tweets by SafetyNurse


This is not about informatics. It has a slight information system twist to the story. Please bear with me, as I have checked enough IV's and presided over some horrendous medication errors as a pharmacy administrator that this injustice bothers me tremendously.

It baffles me why ASHP would comment on an pharmacist portrayal in TV show (BFD), yet remain ignorantly silent on jail time for a hospital pharmacist due to an error. Please speak out on this! 

Am Soc Medication Safety Officer (ASMSO) remain silent as well.  I guess a non-punitive environment for patient safety sounds good, but when the rubber meets the road, lets not rock the boat.

I recently was asked to speak on patient safety. Even though I do not know him at all, I suggested that they have Eric Cropp speak instead. Please consider doing the same. 

At least ISMP has the chutzpah to comment.  It is appalling that there is no official ASHP or ASMSO statement. Outrageous.…ime-for-pharmacist.asp 

Safetynurse twitter comments and links. 
ISMP's statement about the criminal prosecution and sentencing of an OH pharmacist 4 an OTJ error: 

The consequences of punishing healthcare professionals 4 being human. #pharmacy #patientsafety 

What say you? 

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  1. 09/17/2009 12:40 pm

    Good day MTM bloggers!
    My mission is to partner with colleagues of like minds to assure consumers and physicians that general practice MTM pharmacists survive and flourish in tomorrows healthcare environment. Many of us are out there, but thus far insurance provider driven MTMS appears to be the the most visible player. While they are effective – as far as they go – they are limited by there own selection criteria, impersonal approach, and primarily formulary focused outcomes. Pharmacist provided general MTMS is driven by consumer and physicians needs, complaints and referrals. Our services are highly personal thereby effecting not only cost outcomes, but by vastly improving wellbeing outcomes.
    You might enjoy a visit to and

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