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Rick Carlson Quote “As genomics metasasizes….”


I was not aware of Rick Carlson, until stumbling on this blog post.  Well worth a look.

This quote hit me like a ton of bricks.  I wonder how pharmacy will be affected and how we can capitalize:
As genomics metastasizes, every business model for every health care sector will be affected, some profoundly.
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. Pg 43. 2008.

While listening to Obama's Health care speech Mr. Carlson's suggestions seem even more pertinent

“Here are my suggestions for initiating real reform:

  1. Explode the physicians’ worm’s-eye view

  2. Dismantle the replicating engine

  3. Discipline the spoiled child

  4. Turn the reward system upside down

  5. Honor the consumer

  6. Admit that we can’t afford it anymore

  7. Get rid of the insurance industry

  8. Force medicine to be a science

  9. Advocate health aging”

Healthcare Forum Journal. Pgs. 18-26. 1993.

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