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Here is ASHPs nice new blog.  Check it out.

Here are some comments on the blog and platform:

·       There is a very good guidelines page

·       Currently some of the students are blogging.  Lets hope we see some of the leadership posting soon.

·       The Terms of Use are another story.  Some lawyer was paid way too much for this lame statement.  Something they must do, I suppose.   Your legal dollars at work, lame none the less. 

·       The terms of use of, are much funnier and frankly appropriate.  Our legal bill was a lot less via

·       Squarespace is a really interesting platform.   It looks fantastic.  We at use Drupal versus Sqarespace mostly because of cost.  Drupal is open source and has a lot of capabilities.  The Pill Guy is a Drupal guru Squarespace would be recommended if you do not want or need to understand the technical issues around web site and blogging software.

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