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Advancing the mission through Web 2.0


The following is in response to a suggestion that a professional organization should re-evaluate if Twitter is a passing fancy. Heck even if it is, they still should be jumping on board. The Joint Commission, AMA, APhA among many others are on board, it disappoints me considerably that Am Soc of Health System Pharmacists, still just does not “get it”.


 “The mission of ASHP is to advance and support the professional practice of pharmacists in hospitals and health systems and serve as their collective voice on issues related to medication use and public health.”

 How you do this in today’s world without blogging, tweeting, facebooking(?), friendfeeding(?), podcasting and utilizing every social media outlet available including collaborative technologies is inconceivable? The ROI on each of these is extremely high. Low to zero start up costs and each advancing the mission (and positive reputation) of ASHP.

 It is malpractice not to be doing all of these to advance the mission, in my view.

 Publishing journals and press releases are a means to this mission, although to some, these are relicts of a bygone era. I have not read a paper journal in a decade (while I subscribe to many). News comes to me via blogs, twitter and ok, some NPR (mostly podcasts).

 Why is it that JAMA and many medical journals have 6 or more social media links to each article?
Why is it that most medical journals now have podcast editions to their journal?

 Hellooooo, because it works, has a high ROI and advances their mission.

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