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Part 3 of 3 of Senate HELP Legislation Pharmacy/Informatics Highlights


This is Part 3 of 3 of a summary from a Pharmacy and Informatics perspective of Senator Kennedys HELP groups Legislation

Page 253


NOLOGY.The Secretary shall ensure that research

8 findings and results generated by the Center are

9 shared with the Office of the National Coordinator

10 of Health Information Technology and used to in

11 form the activities of the health information tech

12 nology extension program under section 3012, as

13 well as any relevant standards, certification criteria,

14 or implementation specifications.

15 ‘‘(f) PRIORITIZATION.The Director shall i

‘‘(4) potential impact of such processes or sys2

tems on health status and function of patients, in3

cluding vulnerable populations including children;

4 ‘‘(5) areas of insufficient evidence identified

5 under subsection (d)(2)(B); and

6 ‘‘(6) the evolution of meaningful use of health

7 information technology, as defined in section 3000.

Page e262


17 team established pursuant to a grant under subsection (a)

18 shall

19 (1) establish contractual agreements with pri20

mary care providers to provide support services;

21 (2) support medical homes, defined as mode of

22 care that includes

23 (A) personal physicians;

24 (B) whole person orientation;

25 (C) coordinated and integrated care;


O:\KER\KER09411.xml [file 2 of 6] S.L.C.

1 (D) safe and high quality care though evi2

dence-based medicine, appropriate use of health

3 information technology, and continuous quality

4 improvements;

5 (E) expanded access to care; and

6 (F) payment that recognizes added value

7 to patient in a patient-centered care;

8 (3) collaborate with local primary care providers

9 and existing State and community based resources

10 to coordinate disease prevention, chronic disease

11 management, transitioning between health care pro12

viders and settings and case management for pa13

tients, including children, with priority given to

14 those with chronic diseases or conditions identified

15 by the Secretary;

16 (4) in collaboration with local providers, develop

17 and implement multidisciplinary, interprofessional

18 care plans that integrate clinical and community

19 preventive services for patients, including children,

20 with priority given to those with chronic diseases or

21 conditions identified by the Secretary;

22 (5) incorporate providers, patients, caregivers,

23 and authorized representatives in program design

24 and oversight;


O:\KER\KER09411.xml [file 2 of 6] S.L.C.

1 (6) provide support necessary for local primary

2 care providers to

3 (A) coordinate and provide access to high4

quality health care services;

5 (B) provide access to appropriate specialty

6 care and inpatient services;

7 (C) provide quality-driven, cost-effective,

8 culturally appropriate, and patient- and family9

centered health care;

10 (D) provide access to pharmacist-delivered

11 medication therapy management services, in12

cluding medication reconciliation;

13 (E) promote effective strategies for treat14

ment planning, monitoring health outcomes and

15 resource use, sharing information, treatment

16 decision support, and organizing care to avoid

17 duplication of service and other medical man18

agement approaches intended to improve qual19

ity and value of health care services;

20 (F) provide local access to the continuum

21 of health care services in the most appropriate

22 setting, including access to individuals that im23

plement the care plans of patients and coordi24

nate care, such as integrative health care prac25


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