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Health IT Part of Industry’s Plan To Reduce Health Care Spending


Below are some excerpts from a report sent to the President by various health care associations (not ASHP or AMIA).  These excerpts and comments are from an informatics and pharmacy point of view.  The entire report is very interesting and can viewed here:

Please read and post your spin on

The use of health IT is part of a proposal by six health care industry groups to reduce health care spending by between $1 trillion and $1.73 trillion over 10 years. The groups submitted the plan to the White House yesterday.

From the Advanced Medical Technology Association (medical devices never heard of them before)

    Human factors and devices. Dr. Peter Pronovost of Johns Hopkins is spearheading a public-private partnership to reduce medical errors. This effort is modeled on the CAST work in the aircraft industry.

From the AHA:

    Reduce adverse drug events from high-hazard medications (e.g., anticoagulants,

    narcotics, opiates, insulin, sedatives)viii

    Promote best practices in the prevention of adverse drug events focused on high-hazard medications by using standardized protocols, adequate monitoring and increased patient and family education.

    Where have I heard this before? J

    Implementing Health Information Technology (HIT) – Focus on leadership and clinical strategies to effectively implement HIT.

    Leme hear ya say YEA!

This from the AMA:

    Medication Reconciliation

    The AMA has initiated a multi-pronged effort to reconcile multiple prescriptions for individual

    patients treated by different physicians. This program of medication reconciliation is designed to avoid potential adverse events and inappropriate prescriptions. A prototype electronic version of the medication reconciliation card is undergoing beta-testing. A second version will be tested in early July. The AMA is completing a strategy to make the electronic version available to employers, health systems and physicians available by the end of 2010.

    Anyone know the specifics about this project?  Wow!

This from our friends at PhRMA:

    Expanded use of medication therapy management (MTM) to address polypharmacy,

    reduce medication errors and inappropriate use, and achieve better clinical outcomes at

    lower cost. MTM is an important mechanism for evaluating a beneficiary’s multiple conditions and prescribed medicines to ensure that their treatment and care are appropriately coordinated and managed. The pharmaceutical sector and other partners in the health care system have been supporting development of MTM models to identify models that can work to improve care and lower costs.

    Well-designed comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) as an important tool to support good decision-making in health care.

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