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Green, yea right


Here is an example of how out of touch an old school organization is.

Am Soc of Health System Pharmacist send out a notice that all materials for a Delegate session.  They decided they:

“will not be distributing printed materials”.

Ok, good idea.  They then declare that it:

“serves ASHP’s goal of going green where possible.”

Cool – works for me.

Now get this, they then indicate that during the sessions where this material is needed:

“delegates may use laptop computers during the House session”

Wow, really, gee thanks.

“but will not have access to power outlets or a wireless network.”

Are you freaking kidding me?  Are they going to pass out torches and stone tablets as well?  No wireless?  I heard that there is a new thing called the internet.  Ghezz..

So, while there is a cost savings to ASHP, how does this make things greener, if everyone is going to print out the items?

Call it a cost savings measure (they did) but to sell this as a green initiative was insulting.

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