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Site Recomendations for Pharmacy Informaticists


We have a new pharmacist specializing in informatics, so I put this together for her.  It is a bit self indulgent (da ya think).  So please feel free to add comments for other recomendations for pharmacy informaticists. This is a site maintained with Chad Hardy in Houston TX. Please consider registering, more information is displayed once you register. We have some plans on expanding the content and use; just plans for now.

Mirror Sites (these are my personal blogs) Same content on both sites. — this is where I post things all of the time. I usually take items from here and blog about them.

For what it is worth, this application has changed the way I work, it is quite worthwhile to check out.

Twitter I would encourage you to join twitter and follow only some selected folks like me, , and some other whacko’s (otherwise it can be a time sink).  I am happy to recommend good people to follow or look at my list of people I follow.

This is a new one that is very interesting as well. More general informatics, with more content once you sign in. I know the guy who runs this (in NZ) and he is trusted and very good, fyi.

Last but not least, be sure and join the ASHP Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology. Join the section and list serv, some good stuff.

This site will be replacing the list serv over time, so it is good to get on both

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