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Why is there not a Sermo for Pharmacists? Lets start one



The Sermo business model is based on “Information Arbitrage.” This is the opportunity that arises when breaking medical insights intersect with the demand for actionable, market-changing events in healthcare. Our clients include some of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare companies, financial services institutions and government agencies: any organization that can benefit from early insight into clinical events. These parties create a financial incentive that is used to generate, sustain, and support participation in the online physician community.

Through information arbitrage, our clients are able to:

  • Help forecast potential problems or new uses for commercially significant medical products and therapies
  • Gain early insight into outbreaks and other changes in disease states and conditions that can affect the public health
  • Perform epidemiologic research investigations
  • Perform real-time surveys of the opinion of practicing physicians on topics related to medical care
  • Assess the success and adoption of best practice recommendations
  • Find opportunities to improve medical practice, and protect and promote patient safety and the public health

Clients pay a subscription fee and in return can post questions to the Sermo community. If you vote on one of these postings, you may be financially rewarded for your astute observations.

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