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Nancy-Ann DeParle


Here is one ray of hope for transformative change in healthcare. Nancy-Ann DeParle has been tapped to head the White House Health Care transition plan. She has been on some company boards that provide some insight that is positive. Presumably she ‘gets’ pharmacy (Medco), Health IT (Cerner) and Boston (Boston Scientific). Ok, that last one is a stretch.

I had the pleasure to shadow the CEO of Cerner a while ago. If he is anything, he is passionate on the impact technology can and should have on health care. She would not be on the board unless she was totally committed to the use of technology to improve health.

As an aside, the Cerner CEO is a rapid Republican. His wife even ran for Congress but lost b/c she was way to the right of most rational mortals. So I love it that a (soon to be former) board member will be part of the Obama Administration.…/03health.html?_r=2&hp

Ms. DeParle has extensive experience in the business world that has prompted questions from some liberals and from some of the people who vet appointments for Mr. Obama. Ms DeParle is now or has been a director of huge health care companies including Medco Health Solutions, a pharmacy benefit manager; Cerner, a supplier of health information technology; Boston Scientific, a medical device company; DaVita, which runs kidney dialysis centers; and Triad Hospitals.

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