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Health 2.0 and Pharmacy 2.0?


What Is Health 2.0?
There are many definitions of Health 2.0, with most focusing on new technologies, openness, collaboration, and user-generated content sharing among physicians, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders. Here is Matthew Holt’s definition, Health 2.0 incorporates:

  1. Personalized search that looks into the long tail, but cares about the user experience;
  2. Communities that capture the accumulated knowledge of patients and caregivers; and clinicians and explain it to the world;
  3. Intelligent tools for content delivery and transactions; and
  4. Better integration of data with content. All with the result of patients increasingly guiding their own care

So what is Pharmacy 2.0? Are there any Pharmacists 2.0? I would love to here your thoughts and interview some pharmacists that might be practicing in a 2.0 environment.

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