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Cisco IT Enabled health care for productivity


Very cool set up for Cisco Employees. More Health systems need something like this! Cisco IT Enabled health care for productivity

Cisco Prescribes IT-Enabled Healthcare for Better Productivity

When Cisco began to lay the groundwork for its next-generation healthcare center in early 2008, the company’s leaders knew it was the right fit for Cisco; the center showcases the convergence of forward-looking technology and healthcare and improves quality and flexibility of care for employees.

“The idea behind the LifeConnections Health Center is to help Cisco employees engage in health management for themselves and their families,” says Sharon Gibson, healthcare practice director for the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG). “Unlike a traditional clinic where our employees might receive ‘reactive’ treatment for existing health issues, LifeConnections also focuses on prevention,” she says. The center gives Cisco employees and their families onsite access to a full range of medical care services that range from primary care and physical exams to immunizations, travel medicine, lab work, health coaching, and an onsite pharmacy operated by Walgreens. “We provide services such as primary care, acupuncture, chiropractic services, and physical therapy, all in one location,” says Gibson.

IT-Enabled Healthcare

Unique to Cisco in the new healthcare model is the IT infrastructure that ties all the services together. “Cisco employees and their dependents are quite receptive to the use of technology for everything in their lives,” says Gibson. But until recently, healthcare was among the few aspects of employee life that was not technology enabled. In fact, Gibson observes, such was the case for healthcare in general, and Cisco saw the gap as an ideal invitation and opportunity for Cisco IT.

“Very little of the healthcare delivery model used technology,” says Gibson. “This was an incredible opportunity for Cisco not only to deliver some state-of-the-art, high-quality services, but also to technology-enable those services.” Some examples of how the network facilitates healthcare processes within the Ci…

[Pharmacoinformatics Feed From Poikonen’s Evernote]

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