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If BCMA was a drug


So would you take a drug that had zero studies on its safety and efficacy?  Would labeling claims such as “over 24 million doses administered with zero serious side effects” have the wrath of the FDA down on them.

In light Coca-Cola being served with a class-action lawsuit, charging the Atlanta beverage giant with deceptive and unsubstantiated claims on its Vitaminwater beverages, consider Intellidot’s claim in a recent advertising.

“Our barcode point-of-care system has allowed our clients to deliver over 24 million medication administrations with zero serious five rights med errors.”

Intellidot is asking for and just might get into some deep do do over unsubstantiated statements such as this.  The studies to which they refer are internal, not peer reviewed and of a relative small sample size as admitted by the company in a ASHP list serv post.  Desperate times call for desperate marketing is my guess.

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