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Pharmacoinformatics or Pharmacy Informatics Working Group


It has been kicked around in the AMIA working group that perhaps we should change the name of the working group. Currently it is the Pharmacoinformatics Working Group. Here are some some items for your thought and considerations. First is our mission statement:


To promote interaction among AMIA members who are interested in the intersection of technology and medication management. This includes all aspects of the process from prescribing, dispensing, administration, monitoring, and educating about medication use within health care delivery systems.

  • Prescribing – clinical decision support to facilitate rational prescribing
  • Verifying/Dispensing – interpretation, translation and perfection of medication orders, including informatics and technology in dispensing
  • Administration – the information flow and decision support with electronic medication administration, 5 right checking and documentation
  • Monitoring – relating to the use of ADE surveillance/prevention, pharmaco-epidemiology, pharmaco-vigilance and pharmacoeconomics to enhance patient outcomes
  • Education – promoting professional and patient education

Here are some graphical representations. First is informatics defined by Ted Shortliffe.


This is an adaptation for pharmacy


Note that Pharmacy informatics does touch patients, society and then moves to professional pharmacy practice.

The next few diagrams are adaption from Terry Seaton’s work. We discussed the exact location of each circle and could not exactly get it right. Both are submitted for your view.


and this one, that is a little bit different.


So the question remains. Pharmacoinformatics or Pharmacy Informatics.

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