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Why a Pharmacy Informatics Blog?


What is needed is a pharmacy informatics blog of general interest news, views and discussion. List serv’s, while useful are not the right medium for some things, nor is a traditional web site.

AMIA will be rolling out some blog and Wiki tools for members. Some topics beg for a wider audience than only an AMIA list serv, blog or wiki. So…. I have set up the following blogs for such things.

The intent of a blog would be for a finite number of high quality contributors to regularly submit items of interest to the entire pharmacy informatics community. I have seeded some entries for examples. The intent would be that few can post and anyone could comment, although it has been recommended to me by others that moderating comments is a good idea.

The intent would be that a designee from each of the major pharmacy organizations have a contributor to the blog.  Some have been contacted and are in process.  Again, the intent is that we have small number (less than 10) quality contributors. As AMIA, ASHP, HIMSS and others change committees, presumably a new fresh set of contributors would participate. Anyone would be able to comments to a blog post.

Not sure Blogger or WordPress is the best platform, but it will work for a proof of concept and get the ball rolling.

So, in summary the pharmacy informatics community should have the following resources:

  • Organizational specific collaboration via list servs, wikis and blogs.
  • Non organizational specific forum for expressing views by leaders in PI, that disseminates information, news and commentary for the benefit of the entire pharmacy informatics community.

Please let me know your thoughts on a PI centric blog and if you would like to be a contributor.

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