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Electronic Prescribing in California


Need to read this to see if interoperability with the pharmacy systems is addressed -jp

Getting Connected: The Outlook for Electronic Prescribing in California
Manatt Health Solutions
November 2008

The benefits of transmitting prescriptions electronically, rather than through paper transactions, have been shown to increase efficiency, lower costs, and do a better job of protecting patients from dangerous drug interactions and other medical errors. So why isn’t the technology being used more widely, and what can be done to promote its adoption?

This issue brief assesses the technology’s progress in California and examines how greater coordination between providers, health plans, and pharmacies could help overcome persistent barriers. It reviews efforts at the state and federal level to promote e-prescribing through regulation and other incentives, as well as the development of data standards and other cooperative infrastructure needed to make it a viable alternative to paper methods.

The authors conclude that accelerating the adoption of e-prescribing will require a coordinated effort on multiple fronts, including advocacy and education among California policymakers, the intelligent alignment of industry incentives, and easy access to technology tools and technical incentives.

The complete issue brief is available under Document Downloads below.

Document Downloads

Getting Connected: The Outlook for Electronic Prescribing in California

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